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The Moonlight Cookers BBQ team was formed in 2001 by Don Wright, Darrell Quiroz, Ron Alford, & Vince Lepka. Just starting out was a fierce challenge--thinking that with all our cooking experience we would be able to compete in BBQ competitions and be a top winning team. After all, our family & friends just raved about our BBQ. We learned very quickly that hungry family & friends will tell you what they think you want to hear. It was evident we were completely out of our league!

The team forged on and over time, with the help of our BBQ friends, became a respectable competitor winning many Grand Championship events, not only in Texas but in other states as well.

Vince moved out of Texas, and Ron formed his own team. We now have Don, Darrell, Billy, & Chris holding down the fort. We also compete in the Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo World Championship Cook-Off with many family and friends stepping up to the plate to lend a hand. And we are so thankful for their support!

Moonlight Cookers is the sole provider for Texas BBQ Services to prepare food for their catering operation and provides competition quality BBQ for their clients.

We love the BBQ community and eagerly look forward to competing and preparing fine BBQ for our family, friends, & clients!




Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM
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